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Apthous Ulcers (Canker Sores)

August 2020 / DENTISTRY

Canker sores are recurrent, painful, shallow, round or oval, noncontagious ulcers on the soft tissues (mucous membranes) of your mouth (not usually on the gums). They occur in approximately 20% of population, with females suffering more than males. They are not found on lips as these ulcerations are usually cold sores.

The cause of apthous ulceration is unclear, but it is understood that a T-cell mediated immune response triggered by several factors is involved- dehydration, localized trauma (biting lip), stress, certain foods, hormones, genetics and vitamin deficiencies are often sited. Different individuals have different triggers which cause these ulcerations.

These ulcers usually last several days to two weeks but are benign.

Treatment involves avoiding the triggers. A common food trigger are acidic foods (tomatoes, citrus foods, pineapple).

The best natural treatment for a canker sore is natural honey. Do not use pasteurized, grocery store, honey since high heat destroys the nutrients. Raw organic honey has natural antibiotic, antiseptic, antiviral and antifungal compounds.

After each meal and before bed, clean the area with one side of a cotton swab and use the other to apply a small amount of organic honey and leave it sit. Pain, redness and size are known to be reduced by organic honey. To prevent honey from creating cavities, only use for a few days at a time - and keep good oral hygiene.

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