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Should I Have My Mercury Fillings Removed?

October 13, 2021 / DENTISTRY

Mercury fillings are the most used type of cavity fillings, having been used across the world since the early 1900s. Many countries in the European Union have now banned the use of mercury amalgam fillings, but they are still widely used across North America and in other parts of the world. Their low price point makes them very popular, but the question remains: are they safe? And, if they’re not, should patients who already have mercury amalgam fillings consider having them removed? Let’s discuss.

What are mercury fillings?

Mercury amalgam fillings, also known as amalgam fillings, silver fillings, dental amalgam fillings and mercury fillings, are commonly used to fill dental cavities. They are silver in colour, and, as their name suggests, are made primarily of mercury.

The Canadian government reports that dental amalgam represents 74% of the mercury in Canadian products, however, the trend of importing these fillings that contain mercury is decreasing. In 2016, 1.5 million dental amalgam capsules were imported into Canada. In 2019, that number had dropped to 1.1 million. That’s a reduction of 25% over four years.

Are mercury fillings safe?

While many dentists and dental associations insist that these fillings are safe, it’s important to note that mercury amalgam fillings contain mercury, so they can expose people to poisonous mercury vapours which can lead to mercury toxicity. Mercury toxicity has been linked to tremors, dementia, autism, miscarriages and other serious health problems.

Dentistry on Sheppard does not use any mercury fillings and our team strongly believes in educating the public about the dangers of mercury fillings and the importance of removing them in a safe and a holistic way.

Luckily, mercury fillings are not the only options to treat your cavities. The team at Dentistry on Sheppard can also fill your cavities using fillings made of porcelain, ceramic or composite materials. And those options aren’t just for new fillings. Dr. Mark Cloth can comfortably and professionally remove your mercury fillings and replace them with one of these safer options.

Should I have my mercury fillings removed?

Mercury amalgam filling removal is a safe procedure that will reduce your risk of mercury exposure.

If you’d like to learn more about mercury fillings and the pros and cons of having your mercury amalgam fillings removed, call Dentistry on Sheppard today. Dr. Mark Cloth will assess your fillings, determine your level of risk, and discuss the procedure options that will work best for you.

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