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What’s Involved at A Dental Check-Up

June 2020 / DENTISTRY

At the first appointment for a new patient, an hour will be set aside to fully review your medical history, discuss any dental concerns or questions you may have, and fully analyze and document your oral health. This analysis involves taking any necessary radiographs, an exam of your temporomandibular joints, intra-oral soft tissues, full tooth-by-tooth exam, bite exam, full six point gum probing and more. At the conclusion of this new patient exam, Dr Cloth will sit down and work out a customized treatment plan that addresses any oral problems he saw.

A dental check-up on a patient previously seen by Dr. Cloth for a full exam involves the dentist taking a few minutes to analyze your oral health, review any needed x-rays and answer any questions you may have. Dr Cloth will thoroughly examine your gums, teeth and oral tissues.

The principle things Dr Cloth is looking for are cavities and gum disease along with any other oral condition which is outside the range of normal. A Dental Check Up Includes an Oral Cancer Screenings.

Dental check ups include screenings for oral cancer, a serious oral disease of the mouth, lips, or throat, but highly curable if detected and treated early.

Gum (Periodontal) Disease Affects Your Overall Health.

One of the principal causes of adult tooth loss is gum disease. If detected early, it can be treated and reversed.

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